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In our world today, hairstyle is becoming a huge market not only for the fashion industry but also for the masses. Majority of these hairstyles have always been dominated or in the favor of women, but in this generation, it seems as if men are also taking in the challenge of having the best hairdo in town. In my opinion, this generation of men, has surpassed the norms of having that standard army cut hairstyle that is very common in schools and other private facilities. While women have their hair salons, hair spa’s and hair boutiques which make their hair fabulous, men on the other hand, have loyal barbers. Barbers are talented individuals with barbering techniques that groom and style men’s hair. Most of the men I know have loyal barbers just like me. In my opinion, having a loyal barber is a trait that was passed on from generation to generation, from father to son, but this has been outgrown over the years. Of course, having a loyal barber has its advantages growing up, and these are also what I want to share.


            What are the advantages of having a loyal barber you ask?  Having a loyal barber means that you are a custom to your barbers barbering techniques. This is very useful in a mans life since in most cases, men tend to be choosy in everything they do, especially when it involves something to do with appearance namely clothing, shoes or in this case hairstyle. Having a loyal barber means that you will never be bored while the barber cuts your hair. This is because you will always have something to talk too since you have a good relationship with one another, and maybe in some cases, they may even know your family’s background. Loyal barbers always catch you up with the latest trends in society, meaning if you don’t know what you want for a hairstyle, you can let him do his magic and it will almost always turn out good, in a mans point of view that is. Advantages of having a loyal barber includes good handling skills, your barber may not always have a barbering school background or barber training, but they have had some practice with you over the years, and definitely knows what hairstyle you want more than any valedictorian in some barbering school out there.


            Never the less, there are a lot of good barbers out there and today’s generation of men are calling out for better barbers. Since men have had a change in hairstyle through out the years and have a bunch of them that require specific barbering techniques, there are a lot of available resources that can help a barber accomplish just that. There are books that give out barbering education that can help our barbers today do the more tricky hairstyles men are calling for. Another example of these resources are barbering schools, thou not yet available in some countries, most countries have already stumbled upon the idea of opening these facilities. Hairstyle is a big part of our world since the time of our first leaders, the awareness of its art and beauty is the only difference between the now and before.







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